Research & Innovation Institute (Rii)

  • promotes research and innovation for evidence-driven, coherent policy making for sustainable growth and development, prosperity and well-being.
  • aims to be a hub of research, innovation, and science promotion devoted to offering demand-driven recommendations to pressing societal needs
  • operates on the conviction that collaborative research sensitive to societal and ethical considerations, inspired by empirical insights from diverse stakeholders, and effectively communicated to decision-makers, can lead to more informed, evidence-driven, targeted, and more efficient and humane policy-making, thus promoting sustainable prosperity and well-being

Research & Innovation Institute (Rii) seeks to:

  • facilitate and promote cutting-edge research
  • engage in and facilitate dialogue with and among diverse stakeholders
  • explore and exploit research & collaboration synergies that emerge among diverse stakeholders
  • communicate research results and recommendations for strategy & policy to decision-makers and other parties
  • contribute to the development of strategies and policies aimed at promoting prosperity and well-being

Research & Innovation Institute (Rii) implements the following programs:

  • smart cities & smart villages
  • technology-enhanced learning (TEL)
  • information & communication technology (ICT) and policy-making
  • emerging issues, including migration, feminist research & policy-making, inclusion, novel approaches to prosperity and well-being
  • communicating and explaining science

Research & Innovation Institute (Rii) capabilities

  • to facilitate dialogue, collaboration, and efficient exploitation of synergies thus created, Research & Innovation Institute (Rii) draws from a global network of academics, researchers and experts.

Research & Innovation Institute (Rii): who we are

  • Research & Innovation Institute (Rii) was founded in 2018. It is directed by Anna Visvizi, Ph.D.
  • Research & Innovation Institute (Rii) implements its objectives through a distributed network of researchers, experts, and academics based at leading research institutions worldwide [updates soon]

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